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Lilith Astaroth

Lilith Astaroth's Bio:

Lilith Astaroth is a published New England USA-based model, singer, actress, and performance artist that loves to travel the world!  Internationally recognized, she has shot in exotic locations ranging from Iceland, to Montreal, Ireland, Amsterdam, and Sicily, as well as all over the USA.  Her favorite runway events are the Montreal Fetish Weekend Fashion Show, and the New Designer's Fashion Show of New England.  Lilith is a professional, down to earth, versatile model with 10 years of experience and a wide variety of looks - ranging from classic pinup, swimsuit, gothic, cosplay, fantasy, fetish, sci-fi, horror, and more.  She's done everything from strutting the catwalk, to event hosting, art modeling, spokesmodeling, living art, bodypainting, being a Ring Girl, Go-Go dancing, and modeling for some of the edgiest latex designers emerging in the fetish fashion scene.  Lilith has also studied acting at Harvard University and can be seen in several independent films and music videos (See a partial list on IMDB: )   She enjoys horror, drama, and comedy.

Lilith Astaroth's other claim to fame is her band, Sorrowseed.  Sorrowseed is a melodic extreme heavy metal band in which she is the lead singer.  Her singing quickly goes from soft and angelic, to fiercely demonic and downright frightening in a matter of moments.  Her live performances are aggressive and visual, often with the use of elaborate stage costuming that she has designed herself.  Sorrowseed's stage performances are highly theatrical and entertaining, and the band has toured the USA numerous times to bring their unique experience across the country.   As well as being a classically trained vocalist, Lilith is an experienced voice actress, having many radio commercials and audio skits under her belt.  She has been a radio personality on Boston's UnRegular Radio for 2 years as well - running her own show called "The Dungeon" during that time, as well as appearing on many other radio shows as a guest or co-host.  

As if these things don't keep Miss Astaroth busy enough - she also loves performance art and dance!  When she's not off dancing with her fire fans (her favorite), you can often find her performing burlesque or hyping up crowds as a go-go dancer in some of New England's hottest industrial/goth events such as Boston's SinOMaticThe Attic, Jaded - andFreaks & Geeks of Providence.  She's been on tour twice for her burlesque performances with heavy metal band Powerglove, spanning across the USA and Canada.

With a natural love for the stage and being in front of the camera, Lilith is enthusiastic and eager for all kinds of projects, performances, and fashion shows in any of these genres.  Contact her today with yours!

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Acting, Voice, Theater, Horror, Music, Modeling

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